There is so much complexity in the genome that patients, their families and even some healthcare workers are unable to fully utilise this resource. Mychro is our first step in addressing this.

Mychro is a FHIR compliant, web-based genome browser that allows genetic specialists to quickly contextualise the copy number alterations in a patient's genome. However, the core function of Mychro is the Patient Portal.

The Patient Portal, a platform that allows patients and their families to securely access a version Mychro that visualises approved variants and provides them with educational resources to help them understand their genetic information at their own pace.


engaging patients

Mychro has been designed from the ground up to make the genome accessible for patients, and people who aren’t specialists.


interopable clinical reports

The Mychro has been built around the SMART on FHIR standard. We want Mychro to help as many people as possible and we believe SMART on FHIR lets us do this.


Just the start

This iteration of Mychro focuses on germline copy number alterations, but we’re already planning to include ways to contextualise other forms of variation.


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